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StudentsNS praises AB investment in post-secondary mental health, calls for more work to be done provincially

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Halifax, NS – Students Nova Scotia applauds Alberta’s commitment to post-secondary mental health and calls on the Nova Scotia Government to address this important issue through increased collaboration with students.

Announced earlier this week, an investment totalling $25.8 million over three years will directly fund on-campus mental health supports in Alberta.

“With this investment, it’s clear that the Government of Alberta has taken a leadership role on the issue of post-secondary mental health,” said Annie Sirois, Chair of StudentsNS. “We know that mental health is emerging as a critical issue for students in Nova Scotia, and we are excited to see the importance of on-campus supports acknowledged in Alberta.”

The investment comes from the recommendations of an advisory panel on post-secondary mental health, a government-led panel comprised of sector stakeholders and students.

“Through the advisory panel it’s evident that the voice of students was heard and considered, demonstrating productive government-student collaboration,” noted Tristan Bray, Executive Director of StudentsNS. “We hope to see the Government of Nova Scotia examine this announcement carefully and continue to work with students to find solutions for the challenges of post-secondary mental health.”

Other details of the announcement include a specific focus on indigenous student mental health and the responsiveness of student aid policies to mental health.

StudentsNS has previously urged the Government of Nova Scotia to collect better data on post-secondary mental health and hopes for increased collaboration between students, government, and stakeholders on the topic.

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