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Board of Directors



Mary Navas — As Chair, Mary is responsible for upholding the internal policies of StudentsNS, organizing and chairing meetings, and is the spokesperson for the organization. Born and raised in Honduras, Mary has been living in Halifax for almost five years now. She is a 5th year student, majoring in Marketing, and currently serves as the President for the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association. She also served two years as the Vice President Student Affairs. She has been heavily involved in raising student concerns, to create a more affordable, accessible and quality post-secondary system in Nova Scotia. She is passionate and driven to create greater equity in post-secondary education by working to address barriers faced by students.

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Mackenzie Jarvin — As Vice-Chair, Mackenzie assists the Chair and Executive Director with the day to day work of the organization and is responsible for the financial accountability of StudentsNS. Mackenzie is excited to advocate for students to the provincial government; she is interested in advancing sexual violence prevention and supporting our international students. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Mackenzie is a fourth-year Environmental Sciences student at Acadia University.

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Former Board Members


  • George Philp, ASU President

  • Makenzie Branch, ASU Vice-President Academic & External

  • Rebecca Mesay, STFXSU President

  • Clancy McDaniel STFXSU Vice-President External (Chair)

  • Will Fraser, STFXSU Secondary Delegate

  • Ossama Nasrallah, SMUSA President (Vice Chair)

  • Denis Amirault, SMUSA Vice-President Advancement


  • Grace Hamilton-Burge, ASU President

  • Samantha Nixon, ASU Vice-President Academic & External

  • Annie Sirois, STFXSU President

  • Zakariyah Chatur STFXSU Vice-President External

  • Tiffany Maclennan, STFXSU Vice-President Academic

  • Ossama Nasrallah, SMUSA President

  • Lawson Morassutti, SMUSA Vice-President Equity & Wellness

  • Lesley McGill, NSCC Kingstec

  • Shantell Fletcher, NSCC AVC


  • Sam Sproule, ASU President

  • Brianna Jarvin, ASU Vice-President Academic & External

  • Taylor Chase, STFXSU President

  • Annie Sirois, STFXSU Vice-President External

  • Kazi Rahman, SMUSA President

  • Collette Robert, SMUSA Vice-President Equity & Wellness

  • Ben Gaunce, SMUSA Vice-President University Affairs

  • Johnathan Lawley, NSCCSA AVC


  • Roy Karam, Student Union President, CBUSU

  • Brandon MacDonald Vice President, CBUSU

  • Fallis Thompson (Chair), ASU

  • Brandon Ellis (Vice President, University Affairs), CBU

  • Peter Mackinnon Nicolson (Vice President, College Affairs), Middleton SA

  • Scott Byrne (Treasurer), SMU

  • Candace McNeill, ASTSU

  • Daniel MacDonald, ASTSU

  • Liam Murphy (May 2015 – October 2015), ASU

  • Suzanne Gray (October 2015 – May 2016), ASU

  • Rebecca Macisaac, CBUSU

  • Samantha Libbus, CBUSU

  • Cory Feres, Kingstec SA

  • Tyler Yorke, Middleton SA

  • Emily Gale, StFXSU

  • Troy Mrazek, StFXSU

  • Rachel MacDonald, SMUSA

  • Megan Neil (May 2015 – October 2015), SMUSA

  • Collette Robert (November 2015 – May 2015), SMUSA


  • Brandon Hamilton (President Jan 2015- August 2015), StFXSU

  • James Patriquin (President August 2014-Dec 2014), SMUSA

  • Callie Lathem (Vice President, University Affairs Jan 2015-August 2015), ASU

  • Alicia Siliker (Vice President, University Affairs August 2014- Dec 2014), StFX

  • Scott Bryne (Vice President, College Affairs), Kingstec SA

  • Ramz Aziz (Vice President, Administration), DSU

  • Katie Flynn, ASTSU

  • Alicia Cox, ASTSU

  • Liam Murphy, ASU

  • Sarah Hines, CBUSU

  • Brandon Ellis, CBUSU

  • Jacqueline Skiptunis, DSU

  • Alexander Elderkin, Kingstec SA

  • Ben Gunn-Doerge, StFXSU

  • Amali Armony, SMUSA

  • Hamid Dhaduk, SMUSA


  • Matthew Rios (Vice Chair), ASU

  • Darcy Shea, ASU

  • Anne Hoganson, ASTSU

  • Jonathan LeBlanc, ASTSU

  • Matthew Latimer (Treasurer), CBUSU

  • Brennan Boudreau, CBUSU

  • Jessica Compagnon, DASA

  • Sagar Jha, DSU

  • Aaron Beale, DSU

  • Jeremy Mott, Kingstec NSCCSA

  • Alexander Elderkin, Kingstec NSCCSA

  • Benjamin Gunn-Doerge, StFXSU

  • Amy Brierley (Chair), StFXSU

  • Gorba Bhandari, SMUSA

  • Jared Perry, SMUSA

  • Paul Rukidi, SMUSA

  • Michael MacDonell, SMUSA


  • Matthew Rios, ASU

  • Kyle Power (Chair), ASU

  • Robert Bossler, ASTSU

  • Jesse Smith, ASTSU

  • Michelle Lahey (Vice Chair), CBUSU

  • Alana Lawrence, CBUSU

  • Jamie Arron, DSU

  • Aaron Beale, DSU

  • Nick Head-Petersen, StFXSU

  • Patrick Carruthers (Treasurer), StFXSU

  • Jared Perry, SMUSA

  • Michael MacDonell, SMUSA


  • Ben Jessome, ASU

  • Kyle Power (Chair), ASU

  • Kent Greer, ASTSU

  • Billy Crowley, CBUSU

  • Chris Saulnier, DSU

  • Sara Bouchard (Vice Chair), DSU

  • Olwyn Foley, StFXSU

  • Mariah MacKeigan, StFXSU

  • Alwyn Gomez (Treasurer), SMUSA

  • Sarah MacDonald, SMUSA


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