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StudentsNS is a student-driven, Member-run organization. All Members have equal voice in the direction of StudentsNS and its:


We are a well-respected, well-established organization that seeks to establish effective representation for our Members and their students. Quarterly, we are invited to Government-Student Roundtables with the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. We are also stakeholders on key government committees, such as the Provincial Sexual Violence Prevention Committee.

Our Board Members take representing our 20,000 students very seriously and welcome all opportunities to bring forward the student voice.

Training & Consulting

We also strive to provide comprehensive training to our Members on a variety of issues, from communications to media training. We equip our Members to advocate professionally and engage in meaningful consultation, both with stakeholders and their constituents.

StudentsNS also encourages dialogue between related stakeholders, and represents the student voice on a variety of files. We are proud of our working relationships and ability to seek recommendations from our partnerships, in order to further our advocacy efforts.


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