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Student organizations across the country collaborate on post-secondary mental health

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Halifax, NS – Today student organizations across the country released a joint publication on student mental health, titled Shared Perspectives.

The publication includes contributions from the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), the New Brunswick Student Alliance (NBSA), Students Nova Scotia (SNS), and was produced with the support of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA).

“The collaboration between student organizations should serve as a reality check for governments across Canada with regards to how pressing action needs to be taken on mental health in post-secondary education,” said SNS Chair Annie Sirois. “Stakeholders across the country have acknowledged that there is a problem and now is the time to address it, and in doing that we need support.”

The publication sheds light on the limited successes and continued challenges that students face accessing mental health-related services on campus and features case studies from each of the participating provinces.

“The importance of addressing post-secondary mental health is apparent across the country,” said SNS Vice Chair Samantha Nixon. “The collaboration in the report highlights the shared responsibility to improve mental health resources for post-secondary students”.

StudentsNS is urging the Government of Nova Scotia to collect better data on post-secondary mental health and to further collaborate with all parties involved in addressing the issue.

Shared Perspectives is the first time that all five organizations have formally collaborated, representing almost 300,000 post-secondary student voices through this publication. Read the full report here.

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