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Students set achievable goals in Annual Plan for 2015-2016

Students from across Nova Scotia have come together to set the priorities for StudentsNS for the 2015-2016 year. StudentsNS has prioritized six areas for this year in its 2015-2016 Annual Plan: government relations and advocacy, diverse representation in student leadership, inclusion of colleges, bilateral agreements and outcome measures, better engagement of students, and internal policies.

StudentsNS has laid out clear deliverables for each area of focus continually ensuring that each reflects the pillars of the organization. “Advocacy, affordability, quality, and student voice are the base of our organization and I believe each of these is well articulated in our Annual Plan for 2015-2016,” Chair of StudentsNS, Fallis Thompson said. “We want to make it clear to our partners across the province that we are an organization that wants to create change.”

StudentsNS has already begun work on many of their goals, but more focused efforts will be rolled out in the coming months as campaigns and engagement events take place across the province.

“It was a true sign of the strength of our Board to be able to deliver such a coherent, yet diverse, Annual Plan,” said Nick Head-Petersen, Executive Director of StudentsNS. “The Board has given StudentsNS staff a clear mandate for the year and we look forward to working with government, all political parties, and our partners across the province to continue to improve our post-secondary system in Nova Scotia.”

StudentsNS recognizes that improving the post-secondary system is possible through a number of avenues and this annual plan represents a direct approach to improvement of the post-secondary system and StudentNS as an organization. The Annual Plan will be the document that StudentsNS uses to assess both its progress and impact in 2015-2016.

For more information, please contact:

Nick Head-Petersen, Executive Director
Phone: 249 878 0400


Fallis Thompson, Chair of StudentsNS
Phone: 902 585 2127

Students Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit and non-partisan advocacy and research group that represents post-secondary students from across Nova Scotia. Our members include Acadia, Cape Breton, Saint Mary’s, and St. Francis Xavier Universities, the Kingstec and Annapolis Valley Campuses of the Nova Scotia Community College, and the Atlantic School of Theology.

Kate Elliot