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Nova Scotia Students Relieved that End In Sight for St. FX Strike

Today, students at StFX and across Nova Scotia are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, as a tentative agreement has been reached between the StFX administration and the StFXAUT. The agreement, which will go to a vote of the AUT members tomorrow, would allow students to return to class on Monday. 

“Students are breathing a sigh of relief today, as it looks like this conflict can finally come to an end”, said StFX Students’ Union President, Nick Head-Petersen. “Students are anxious to hear the results of the union’s vote tomorrow, missing more classes will severely impact students’ semesters, academic progression and summer work possibilities.”

On Tuesday, students called for both parties to move into binding arbitration to end the labour conflict.

“Students thank the parties for resuming productive negotiations this week”, said Jonathan Williams, Executive Director of Students Nova Scotia.

Students have not been in class since January 25 due to the strike. As of Tuesday, the StFX Students’ Union estimated the strike had cost students approximately $2.4 million.

When an agreement is finalized, the Students’ Union will work with the administration and staff union to ensure classes are resumed smoothly.

“All further changes to the semester that are needed to ensure students complete course material must be as undisruptive and respectful of students’ concerns as possible”, said Head-Petersen.


For more information please contact:

Nick Head-Petersen, StFX Students’ Union President

Phone: 902 867 2435



Jonathan Williams, StudentsNS Executive Director

Phone: 902 422 4068

Cell phone: 902 483 5480



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Kate Elliot